Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Love Letter to my Husband

So, at church we've started a new series called "I want a new marriage".  It's been pretty awesome so far.  One of our assignments was to write your spouse a letter.  The other assignment was to find out what your "love language" is.  That was pretty cool, google 5 love languages to get the test.  

So here is my public love letter to my husband:

To the one God made for me,

Thirteen years ago I was a young girl in her twenties laying in her bed talking to God about how disgusted I was with dating and trying to find the right person for me.  All of a sudden it hit me, who better to find my match than the very One who made him for me?  I was going about it all wrong.  There was no way I could ever be a better match maker than God.  So, right then I began to pray and ask in great detail everything I wanted in a soul mate.  I prayed for a man that would hold my hand in public, open the door for me on occasion, was considerate, loving, respectful, passionate, had goals, was a hard worker, would be a fantastic father, someone I could respect, had a great family, someone that followed God and would lead our future family in an honorable direction, of course it wouldn't hurt if he was good looking too.  

I had officially given up trying to find my match, Lord knows I'd found all the wrong ones quite easily on my own.  I promised God I would trust Him and when He was ready for us to meet I would be waiting.  I didn't have to wait long, exactly one month later I met you.  Granted, I didn't give you the time of day fearing you would interrupt my waiting for Mr. Right.  It took me weeks to even agree to go out with you and even then it was so you'd leave me alone.  What a great decision that turned out to be.  Exactly what I'd prayed for was right in front of me.  Without me asking you would rush to open my door before I got there...and not just for me but for the elderly woman behind us and the little kid to weak to pull it open.  Not only would you hold my hand in public but anytime you could grab on to it.  You are the most considerate, loving, passionate, hard working man I've ever met.  Most importantly you are a God fearing man that, while not perfect,you seek the Lord's guidance for yourself and our family.  You are the MOST amazing Dad I could ever ask for my children.  If ever I were to question why I married you all I would need to do is watch you with Peyton & Dylan for a few minutes and the answer would be clear.  

God has a great since of humor and an amazing way of answering prayers.  I've watched you and I grow over the years into a more spiritually mature couple, more knowledgeable & patient parents (although I could use a little more work with that at times) and our marriage through any type of adversity has only gotten stronger.  You are everything I could have ever imagined for a life partner and soul mate and I thank God for you every day.  

Many times people reminisce on their lives and think about what things they regret and what they would change if they had the chance to do it all again.  I can honestly say I'd do it the same.  Recently I came across a stack of old letters we wrote to one another when we were dating states a part.  It reminded me not only of how much we loved each other then, but that its still the same today and is an even deeper more connected bond. 

Thank you for being the person you are, for being such an amazing father to our children.  Thank you for being someone I can respect that makes choices based on how it will affect our family and future.  Thank you for putting God first in your life so that you can lead our family honorably and have the guidance needed to do so.  It feels pretty awesome knowing I'm married to the man God made with me in mind.  I wouldn't change a thing.

I love you with my whole heart,
Your Wife

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