Saturday, August 25, 2012

Brad Paisley or bust!

It's been a long time since I've last gone to a concert...come to think of it, before I had children so that's more than 7 years ago & that was a Dave Matthews one...Love me some Dave!

A threat of rain wasn't about to stop us...and it definitely wasn't going to keep me from wearing my new boots!  We shine up fairly well, wouldn't you say?


Then along came Brad Paisley, a group of great friends and some cold Corona...great combo for a great night!  If its one thing you have to do it's go to a concert in a Limo, wayy cool!  Plus you can pack a cooler and stop at Bojangles and REALLY turn some heads (note to self, you can get GRILLED chicken there, but it takes forever.....right Greg?)!   It's like a rolling tailgate party and you don't have to worry about driving. So, go big or go home and das how we roll!

The whole ride there was full of chatter about everything under the sun, a little spiking of drinks when people weren't looking (note to self: Tonya has eyes in the back of her head), a bit of business talk for a milla-second and of course picture taking (some deletions and retakes of course).  Not to mention Boom Boom Pow came on and of course everything good happens with that song, so I knew for sure we were in for a great night.

We met up with some ECCATS Staff (can't have a good time without them of course)!  Got me some Stephanie time:

Got a few smooches in with my squeeze, Matt:  Okayed by the man of course:

A lot of dancing, singing and even played a little Sippy Dippy (betcha don't know what that is...unless you're in college which I'm not and needed a little educating.  No pics on that LOL, but it did involve a flask :) Even got asked to dance by a Marine from Nebraska, the two step at that!  I kept up well given I spent from about the ages of 15 to 20 perfecting it....and yep that was okayed by the man as well (I felt hawk eyes on me the whole time and thank goodness the guy was a true southern gentleman and behaved...pretty sure TJ would've turned Hulk in .03 seconds flat if given the chance).

What a GREAT GREAT night.  I definitely needed it and was so glad to spend it with a great group of people!  Thanks a bunch Tonya, Chris, Christy, Greg, Bobbie, Bryan, Trellis (the driver), Stephanie, Trey, Warren, Matt, Andrea, Adam, Kim & Jessica for showing a girl a good time!  We will kick it again soon!

The End...or actually, just the beginning...stay tuned.
(PS - a special shout out to my Mom for watching the kids, YOU ROCK!)

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