Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dylan gets ready for Kindergarten!

I don't know about you, but I don't like telling my kids too far in advance that they are going to the Drs. for shots.  So, this morning Dylan found out when we got there.  He did great with the check up, eye & ear exams.

He liked that he's grown and weighs almost 40lbs!

He likes Mr. Joe too, we always get him and he's "cool". 

BUT he was not thrilled about the shots.  However, he took it like a champ really.  You could tell he was nervous, but for the most part was a rock star!  He asked if TJ would cover his eyes for him so he didn't have to see.  So, first was the finger prick....little flinching, but not so much that he wouldn't stop watching Pheneas and Ferb.  Second, to the thigh.  He sucked in air, but was happy to get the Snoopy bandaid.  Third, to the right arm.  Again he sucked in air, didn't give a flip about Pheneas and Ferb anymore or the stupid bandaid.  Last, the left arm...the stinger.  Brought tears right away and he was NOT happy with anyone.  After the nurse left he said, "I'm not impressed"!  LOL!

But, he got a red Popsicle and that always makes things better, doesn't it?  My boy did much better than I...can't stand a needle! So, my boy starts Kindergarten this year, totally surreal.

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