Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Chicken's are Escaping!

I'm sure I won't blog on a daily basis, but I definitely will when my kids have hilarious conversations or do fun things!

We live out in the sticks aka the country.  While driving the kids to school in the mornings we can get into some pretty funny conversations. Typically my radio is off just so I can hear the conversations between Peyton & Dylan and record them in my mind.

This morning, on our drive we passed by Lee's Country Kitchen.  Right beside that little country store is a field of horses and they have some other farm animals such as chickens.  Today, the chickens were out of the fence and standing beside the road.  This was our conversation:

Peyton:  They need to fix that fence so the chickens won't get away!

Me:  Why do you think they are escaping?
Peyton:  Well, it's probably boy chickens trying to get away from the girl chickens.
Dylan:  Yea, and because the girl chickens want to kiss them.

Me:  Why do you think they want to get away from the girl chickens?
Peyton:  Probably because they have eggs and the boys don't want to help with them
Dylan:  I bet the girl chickens are mad!
Peyton:  I know they are, they're screaming at them to "COME HELP WITH THESE EGGS!"

Me:  OMG I'm so glad I started a blog!

I think my life is a cartoon.

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